Friday, July 10, 2009

What if.. stardoll gave out random stuff at once


Well How long have we waited to have some excitement on stardoll.

Now we have some (only a bit.. not much about and inch maybe)

Umm anyway


Just Make You Medoll into a look a like and you could WIN A CAR!!!!!
that some people have brought in the minishop for like 50 stardollars...
Then people vote for the best one and TA Da there you go, someone wins a spanking new shiny car that their medoll can drive round the stardoll world.
(disclaimer: car doesn't actually work)
Soo are you gonna enter... ?
Ohh and look Below, new thing there... bit like ask Callie but no Callie part.

well anyway see ya

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What if Stardoll got less boring??

Seriously, I am really bored of stardoll nowadays. No new Calie's comps like they used to be, gifts are for only US members, no more improvements, even no more those annoying kids who make you mad. Nothing. Stardoll is dead, at least for me. Always the same. Get up, change your doll's clothes, check for new clothes in starplaza, go to sd magazine to see if there is anything actually related to stardoll, not celeb gossip, then check out new ugly dolls, answer to couple of messages, mostly ignore, like 'send this to xxx people and then' , or 'how much for xxx' , look who added you to scenery and look if there is any new top spot topic in innactive clubs... etc.. check stardoll related blogs to read same articles and about same things all over again and again and again..

what if
WE could do something about it??
Like .. I have no idea, honestly.

But what if you , for some reason, could not visit stardoll for one week?? Would you get upset, anxious about what is happening over there, annoyed, .. bored?? Yeah, we must admit it, stardoll is big addiction. Some people decided to move on, leave stardoll and make it even more boring. So, the big question is: WHAT NOW???

What If... We had a party?

So this blog has been a little inactive lately. So, in order to revamp we are going to have a party!

Theme: 4th Of July
When: 4th Of July!
Time: 8pm EST
WHERE: musicfreek112's GB!