Sunday, April 26, 2009

What if... Stardoll gave out stardollars for starpoint rewards (again)

So, i was thinking how great would it be if stardoll gave out stardollars if you got to a certain starpoint goal.
if you are serious about stardoll and starpointing, everytime u reach 1000 you get some stardollars.

S0 for 1000 starpoints you would get 5 stardollars and everytime it goes up by 1000 you get 5 more stardollars, really its for all that hard work you did.
I mean hey its not that heaps of money people want but still its money.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What if... you could purchase Sims clothing on SD?

I know lots of people like to play The Sims, or the Sims 2, as well as Stardoll (including me).  So I created some clothing that lets you show your love for both!

If this sounds good to you, just sign here and tell me which one you want, as well as any special order information.

Happy Simming (and Stardolling!)

Friday, April 24, 2009

What if...we had a club?! Wait, we do!!

VampLady is amazing, because she went ahead and used her third superstar club to be our blog's club! It was soo nice, and she's made me manager, and I'd love for all our readers and writers to your support even if you don't have a blogger account or post comments often!

It was SO nice of her, and I hope you appreciate her niceness by going ahead and joining.

Thanks to VampLady, and click here to join.


What if.. just read bellow

Picture this: You wake up, go to check on your favorite site. You type, or go to link you bookmarked, when suddenly - BANG! Instead of your favorite site homepage, you find this message.

'Due to violation of rules, this site has been shut down. Click HERE to get back on previous page'

You start screaming 'OMG, how could they do that! It is not happening, all my clothes, friends, stardollars, are gone!!' Your parents rush into your room, to see if you are still alive, and you try hard to explain what has happened , and they do anything just to calm you down. After crying and screaming, you just click on button 'HERE' to go back to whatever you were visiting, and then, instead of that page, you see this message:

'April fool!'

And after that, stardoll homepage loads normally, like nothing has happened.

What would you do??

Rousha54321: Guest Post

What if stardoll let you create your own hair. Instead of wait forever for your starpoints, you can create a one of a kind look. The system could look something like this-

But nicer looking. Before the Styling Studio came out, many people thought that it would be a hair styling place. The hair styling I'm thinking of would be something that lets you highlight, brush, cut, dye, and grow. Fewer peeople would complain about "stardoll's horrbile hairstyle's" if they do this.
Let's hope.

Thanks for letting me guest write!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what if... stardoll made some new hairstyles

In just five minutes i made 2 different hairstyles that to me look pretty good.
The first one i really love and the second is kinda alright, needs some twigging.

As you can see i just used a hairstyle all ready there and just reflected the image to make a better hairstyle.
So think stardoll needs to think about making some new better hairstyles?
see ya

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What if our blog had guest posts?

We don't have to "what if" anymore about this! Since everyone has dreams about Stardoll that they really want to share without becoming a full time writer, go ahead and send a guest post. Just post in the comments that you'd like to do one, and I'll talk to you more on Stardoll.

I hope you guys like that idea, I think it would be a lot of fun!


Monday, April 20, 2009

What if... Stardoll got rid of DKNY

OK, relax

I'm not hoping they will but what would you do if stardoll did get rid of DKNY??

(hope not =p)

Some people would probably die inside and others would think stardoll has gone mental.
DKNY is the all time favorite real brand stardoll has and i cant imagine stardoll getting rid of it.
But just think if they did how would you react?

Anyway see ya

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What if... There was an Instant Messenger in the clubs?

What if there was an instant messenger in every club?  And the members could go to it and IM each other?

You could have group meetings or chat with tons of people at once!  That would be SO cool.

Of course, there would be the normal filter for comments and stuff that blocks links and language.

What if.. Price limit went up to 300

I know, I know, many of you think that would be used and abused too much, for transferring money from accounts, paying less tax, etc. But, with all that LE coming with prices up to 250, it is impossible to be 100% safe when selling and buying. So I was thinking, if they made price limit 300, but taxes would go up for every 60$. For example, if you were selling item for 180, buyer would see price 183. Here is one example too.

So, what do you think about that??

What if... Stardoll made a clearance shop

I dont know about you guys but every month when the sale is on i get a little fed up.
All that searching for the clothes that are half price and sometimes not knowing what shop to start with, some people are fine brousing the shops looking for the cheap clothes but some people like me cant be bothered going through every shop.

So really stardoll should just make a clearance shop and dump all the clothes there, its more easy and really then people would be able to do other things instead of wasting their time looking for cheap stuff.

Anyway think that's a good idea?
yes? no?
leave a comment and tell us
see ya

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ello moonlight_22 here

Hey well I'm moonlight_22 but Kayla is my real name so if u want to call me either i don't mind.
As you probably can tell I'm a new writer for the blog and lets just say I'm really excited to have this opportunity, simply because this is my first blog to contribute to and to have other writers working with is rather wicked.
so thank you Boni for giving me this chance.
Ill be posting really soon so watch out
see ya

What if... Stardoll had status updates?

If I ran Stardoll, I would put in a Status Update box like on Facebook...

... and you would be able to comment on it.

Plus, you would earn starpoints for updating it. (:

You could advertise sales, look for good clubs, announce parties, and stuff like that.  But it wouldn't have the nasty system like the broadcasts do now.

Taryn xx

It's Blondebug!

Hey everyone, 

You may know me, you may not, but I'm blondebug.  Call me Taryn.

I'm a writer for this blog as you can tell.  It's going to be great!

So, leave comments and don't forget to click that Follow button!

See ya 'round.
Taryn xx

What if... Stardoll solved chainmail problem??

Don't you hate boring, stupid and pointless chainmail messages? Like 'Copy this in xxx guestbooks/albums/sceneries , press xx button, log out, log in, and you will have 10000xxxx stardollars in your purse, believe me, I tried it and it worked'
Grr! They really make me mad.

So, as stardoll staff does nothing about that, I was thinking they could make new rules. Something like this:
So, when you get one of those stupid messages, you would simpy do this

And they would get a warnign message. But, if next time they did it again, they would be veery bad surprised by this
HAHA. Do you think they would do that again?? I bet no.
So this problem is easy to solve, and i am sending this letter to stardoll staff after I finish this. Just wanted to know - do you like the idea? ;)

Friday, April 17, 2009

VampLady introducing

It is Milena, better known as VampLady on Stardoll, and on blogger too.
Some of you know me, others no, but I am sure you didn't know how many times I wanted Stardoll to do something that would make things easier, better, safer, nicer, etc. So, here I am, to show my ideas for improving Stardoll, and I hope some of them will actually happen in future.
I want to thank Boni for giving me chance to share my ideas with others. I will start posting tomorrow, so, see ya soon :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If I Ran Splendid... + Updates

**This is sort of a sample post to show writers how to write, I want this blog to be basically run by the writers instead of me, so this is just what I'm going for. The writers will be chosen soon.**

If I ran Splendid...

Out with the re-released chokers and strange overpriced headbands(BLECHHH.)

And in with awesome Kanye-style sunglasses and chic chunky necklaces.

Kanyes are so much fun and I could see everyone on Stardoll getting a kick out of them.
Chunky necklaces are really stylish compared to those cheap-looking chokers.

So basically, the point of this blog is to mix your style with Stardoll's. You can rant about the newest things and talk about what you wish they had instead, instead of just saying how awful everything is like most people do. So if you get picked to be a writer (I'll pick about three or four), just have fun with this blog...

UPDATES: I'll be checking out everyone to see who fits this blog best, I hope everyone enjoys it.

And a HUGEEE thanks to Lettie for letting me advertise on her blog, it got us a lot of applicants :)



Sunday, April 12, 2009

You've always had dreams for Stardoll...

"What if they changed StarBazaar?"
"What if I wrote for the magazine?"
"What if I made the themes?"

Now's your chance to make all of your fantasies known. I'm looking for writers, post an application in the comments with this info:

SD Name:
How Often You'd Post: