Friday, June 26, 2009


Me again
Silly me didnt notice that there is another page...
must be tired
anyway thought i would show you this load of clothes too.

see ya later

BTW looks like we were first to report it lol

What if there was a new shop called basics and it had cheap clothes

Hello how is everyone =]
Its 12:55am here on a Saturday morning and i clicked into the shops to check out the sale when i saw that the new releases had been invaded by basic clothing and bits.
I think they're kinda cool cause they're really cheap however really funny colours.
Why didn't they make a a selection in black...
cause to me black is a universal colour and maybe better than brown.

Anyway what do you think?
good idea/ bad idea
cool / gross

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What If the new Globetrotter game was too hard??

Ok I was just cheking out the new Play and Earn game 'Globetrotter' and I was hopeless at it. You can choose continents so living in Europe I chose... Europe. I didn't where know where Turkey, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Austria... the list goes on (but not here) . So I thought ok I'll try America but I must have clicked South America anyway I was even more hopeless at it and I got ...0.. I really did not have a clue! Here at two countries I had never heard of and I didn't even knew existed.. Guyana and Suriname... So Stardoll maybe you are trying to teach us geography skills (hello schools over!!) but i think this game is way too hard ( and a bit boring)

I am definetly sticking to Celeb Quiz!

Any future Geography teachers want to tell me their amazing score???

Buh Byeeee....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What if Stardoll brought out new long hair?

Stardoll have brought out a couple of new hairstyles with about 3 wearable ones and only one long wearable one (unless you actually like the braids!!) But I was a disappointed because I don't really love any of them and none of them look like my hair. So I went through the dolls to find ones that I thought a lot of people would wear if they were available. I know I would!(PCD Ashley is kind of like my hair except it's a bit lighter than mine - nothing two weeks in sunny Spain won't fix!)

So would you wear them?? Which is most like yours?? I'll write a letter to stardoll about it...

Buh Bye....,

What if... Stardoll gave out birthday or anniversary gifts


What if Stardoll gave out Birthday or anniversary gifts.

That would mean that either on your birthday or the day you joinned stardoll they give you a gift. =]

I personally like the date you joinned stardoll because theyre would be saying
hey thanks for being on stardoll.

see ya later

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Music in your Page

\\What if.. you could listen to music on stardoll? Also, you could dedicate songs to people just like on Bebo!Would you like????

What if we had Terrible tanlines from those new swimming stuff??

They're all over the catwalks but are really that wear-able?? Unless you wear the same swimming things everyday then you are going to have seriously bad tan-lines!!Same goes for shutter shades and those archive shoes! lol

p.s. Do you like my new banner?? It's kind ofg what stardoll would be like if i ran it - crazy! I'm not sure If I should keep it or not tell me in a comment!
Keep Smiling

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What if you don't have to finish the Free Stardollar game?

Today I was a bit bored of getting 5 stardollars every single time in the Celeb Quiz game so I tried a little experiment! I wanted to see if I went out of the game early (click the crazy running green man in the top right corner - he looks likes hes running into a wall!!)
And ....


Half way through the game, only 1858 stardollars and you STILL get your 5 stardollars!
How low can YOU go??
gotta go spend my stardollars!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What if... You could suite chat with more people

What if Stardoll let you suite chat with more than one person at a time.
How fun would that be.
I think at most about 5 other people can be in your suite chat because if there is more it would get crowded.
But they dont always have to be in the same room, so if someone wanted to take a look at some clothes in a different room they can.
* ill put pictures in later, my computer is not working so i borrowed my sisters... ( she doesnt let me go on stardoll though)*
Anyway catch you later aligator

What if you could have your own stardoll profile pic...

What if u cud browse for ya own pic insted of a avatar and u cud choose!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What if Stardoll had Twitter..oh wait they do!!!

I was just admiring the new Stardoll Sea background (its a tweensy bit too dark at the top for moi) When I noticed this little sign!

Callie.Stardoll is writing for it. check it out at she updates a lot!!



What if we were famous???

What if we were so popular that we got hundreds of messages everyday from our loyal fans!!?
It might be a bit annoying unless they were giving us free ss codes in the messages! What else do you think would be in the messages?? I didn't change anything about this picture. Lets just say this is what happens when you don't log on for 6 months!! It should really say unread messages not new messages so maybe stardoll should change this??


Monday, June 8, 2009

what if stardoll made a video game?

I made this a long time ago,IT'S A stardoll DS game. This would you could dress up dolls and edit your suite on the go.If you dont have internet just use this! Would you buy?

hope you like

What if you could have a star-design for accesories...

What if you could do a accesories design for headbands,sunglasses ETC....below is some examples of what you could create wit the splendid accesories.

Tell me wjat you think

What if Stardoll actually sold this dress??


Has anyone noticed that Stardoll don't even sell the pink dress on the startpage?? there are two similar dresses in Tingeling but they are not as nice (the red one's ok). So hello Stardoll why are you showing clothes you don't even sell?? If they sold it I'd buy it! (but it would be ss as usual so I wouldn't be able to!! =))


Saturday, June 6, 2009

What if...

Stardoll Deleted clubs because there were too many of the same type of clubs.

There are about 1285915 clubs on Stardoll, but with new members being able to make a club once they hit enough starpoints, the figure will be going up.
But what if when members go to make a new club, they find out that there is a limit of how many clubs of the same type there can be.
You sign in and find your club has been deleted because they want to clear some room to let new clubs in.

What would you do?
Would you care?

Tell us =]


-I lost my banner =/ because my computer crashed
So ill either try and find it or make a new one-

After reading some comments i realised that you thought i meant it was a good idea... No way
I was doing a bad what if.
Now i gotta go... its 4am here and i should be trying to sleep


What if we could search for specific priced clothes in Starplaza?

What if instead of having to look through pages and pages of clothes you can't afford you could search for clothes that you actually can afford.. it would save a lot of time (and Stardollars!)

WHAT could recolor your own clothes?

What if you could recolr your own items on stardoll? Would you like it? Heres what it would look like.

It would save money, too. If you used it on those philosphy shoes and the fudge tights. Tell me if you like. :D


What if Stardoll edited broadcasts a bit?

Are you tired of waiting for broadcast board to load? Yeah, I am too, but we know stardoll won't give us back old broadcasts, since they have found a way to do less work. At least, we are now able to send broadcasts 24 hours a day. But still, it is soo annoying. And you have list of 1000 words of which you use only few of them.
So, what if stardoll gave us a chance to choose our favorite words, and put it on one page only. We could then have easier and faster loading, and no need to click all the time to take a word. It should look something like this:
So, you would be able to go to the whole list anytime, or have favorites up everytime you go to send broadcast. Easier much? I think it is.

What if you had a famous brand on stardoll....

Hi! What if you could have your own brand in the stardoll-shops,I know there is a thing like that but you would become really popular on stardoll if you had your own brand!
They would cost from 3-12 stardollars and they might look like this(I made these clothes on paint): Above my banner

What If..sd_is_da_best wrote for this amazing blog???

Heyy everybody!! I am your new writer!!! A big Thank you to Vamplady. I will be writing loads of posts!!! Thank you!
p.s Banner coming later today!

Friday, June 5, 2009

What if Stardoll had a Macys and a Juicy coture?


What if stardollmade 2 more brands? Do you think that the Juicy items would cost more than the regulaur?? Macy's would be like Kohl's with two of their brands,and Juicy coture would be like ELLE. Would you buy?

Juicy would be really cool with some great clothes like this:

Now, for Macy's. They'd have 2 brands. Macys and Calvin Klien:

calvin klien:

What if Musicfreek112 wrote on this blog?

Well,good news she does. Thanks to the AWESOME VampLady. I will bring you multiple posts a day!


What if you could be a RC for the day...

What if you could be a RC for the day[below is whagt it could look like]what do u think wudnt it be awesome?