Monday, May 4, 2009

what if... Stardoll made a better stardesign

Hey Everyone

Like my temporary new banner?
For some reason I'm loving that orange wig =]

Anyway back to the post.

Do you remember when the Stardesign first came out, everyone thought it was soo cool.
Finally we could show off what we can do, but that was cool back then.
To me now it looks boring, old and you don't even get to make much..

Imagine if stardoll made something like this...

You get the basic four clothing but you can have unlimited designs, so that plain bit of clothing can become anything.

Its really quite cool =p

Now if u wanna check out where i found this designing clothes check

and you can see for yourself just what you can make.

See ya

Ps. i really wish stardoll would make something like that... It would be much nicer =p


xXmisssweetieXx said...

That's a fantastic idea! You should Message stardoll about it.

Hmm, tempoary banner, lol - are you getting a new one made up?


Call me Amy said...

hi.Well i did make you a banner a week ago.(i told about it to boni)
Its in my blog

Lainy - Lainewainy said...

Thatd be so cool

Who can I see about a guest article?
I have an idea...

Lainewainy of Stardoll, If I can XD

Anonymous said...

I guess that this blog is dead like most of other blogs 'bout sd.