Friday, July 10, 2009

What if.. stardoll gave out random stuff at once


Well How long have we waited to have some excitement on stardoll.

Now we have some (only a bit.. not much about and inch maybe)

Umm anyway


Just Make You Medoll into a look a like and you could WIN A CAR!!!!!
that some people have brought in the minishop for like 50 stardollars...
Then people vote for the best one and TA Da there you go, someone wins a spanking new shiny car that their medoll can drive round the stardoll world.
(disclaimer: car doesn't actually work)
Soo are you gonna enter... ?
Ohh and look Below, new thing there... bit like ask Callie but no Callie part.

well anyway see ya


babi123 said...

Darling , you got it all wrong . The winner won't get a car , she/he can design its own car in stardesign . :D

moonlight_22 said...

no i havent, it says one of a kind luxury sports car, so its gonna be that shape of the car... it might be a different colour or have someones pattern
But its basiclly the same thing.

Lies153 said...

Can you give the link???

♥ Уαšмıиē ♥ said...


Jinniy said...

I chose Halle Berry as my look-a-like

moonlight_22 said...

Hey sure, but i think its up on the main page now...