Thursday, July 2, 2009

What if Stardoll got less boring??

Seriously, I am really bored of stardoll nowadays. No new Calie's comps like they used to be, gifts are for only US members, no more improvements, even no more those annoying kids who make you mad. Nothing. Stardoll is dead, at least for me. Always the same. Get up, change your doll's clothes, check for new clothes in starplaza, go to sd magazine to see if there is anything actually related to stardoll, not celeb gossip, then check out new ugly dolls, answer to couple of messages, mostly ignore, like 'send this to xxx people and then' , or 'how much for xxx' , look who added you to scenery and look if there is any new top spot topic in innactive clubs... etc.. check stardoll related blogs to read same articles and about same things all over again and again and again..

what if
WE could do something about it??
Like .. I have no idea, honestly.

But what if you , for some reason, could not visit stardoll for one week?? Would you get upset, anxious about what is happening over there, annoyed, .. bored?? Yeah, we must admit it, stardoll is big addiction. Some people decided to move on, leave stardoll and make it even more boring. So, the big question is: WHAT NOW???


Sunshinez said...

i do i agree somewhat... there should be more exciting things happening

moonlight_22 said...

they need to do something... maybe comps that everyone can enter because most of the comps are only for some countries.
It gets really anoying.

A comp idea is that they should design a dress, like a really nice dress and hold a comp and only one person will win it

but of course that leads to scammers and fighting

sd_is_da_best said...

There haven't been any comps that I can enter in at least 6 months on Stardoll... so I just go to blogs that are having comps to win codes (Won 2 codes today and yesterday! soooo happy) so maybe people could try entering the comps on blogs or Stardoll should really having comps to win 100sd or something and we just have make a scenery about summer or something

taranee25 said...

I agree... boooring

Lalagoo42 said...

look, try to be more optimistic here. the new generation of young stardollians are arriving. ive spotted talented young people on stardoll now that are someday going to revive stardoll's hay days. just wait for the new generation, just wait for it.

VampLady said...

I am caught in between new and old generations.. lol I don't know where I do belong now

4butterfly4 said...

That is what I do now too! Change, go to the plaza, mag, clubs, done.

Anonymous said...

What if... the writers actually wrote once in a while?

Missy 1st Year Child...=ChildOfWonder to evenbothersurviving! said...

I agree. I just closed down my blog. Something has killed my stardoll spirit. Here is the reason:

So many blogs have closed down too. Its because we have grown in a way, sick of stupid little cat fights and drama because some one stole some famous persons rare. You can't be famous when all people see is a image. You say you are a 20something richie living in NY when really, all alone in your moms house in Scotland, using stardoll as your escape. But when you make up lies, it just doesn't do. Its nice to pretend but too much is going on for me to pretend I care anymore.