Sunday, April 12, 2009

You've always had dreams for Stardoll...

"What if they changed StarBazaar?"
"What if I wrote for the magazine?"
"What if I made the themes?"

Now's your chance to make all of your fantasies known. I'm looking for writers, post an application in the comments with this info:

SD Name:
How Often You'd Post:



Anonymous said...

Hi! Great idea! :)
Curious how your going to represent the ideas in a blog :P
Anyways: Good luck! :D

Polincik said...

Hey))I would love to post here)
My name is Polly
SD Name is Polincik/Pollybex
Now i am writing for my(and HAPPY_2007's)blog
If I could post,I'd post maybe one-two posts a day,maybe one post in 2 days...))
With Love,Polly =*

VampLady said...

Name: Milena
SD Name: VampLady
Experience: I write for 'stardoll with lipstick on' , and I have a LOT of ideas
How Often You'd Post: every day, maybe more :)

Cg said...

SD Name: nutters [once cg, whoo!]
Experience: a lot, i have my own stardoll blog.
How Often You'd Post: Everyday! Like i do on my blog.

Rollecate said...

Love to post here!!!

Name: Dyonne
SD-name: Rollecate
XP: i wrote on a blog, and i'm 2.5 years on stardoll
Post: every day

Anonymous said...

Name: Addie
SD-name: Shedagirl001
Experience: Ive Written For Blogs Before And I Have My Own :]
Post: Everyday Maybe More

ForeverSecret said...

Name: Karina
SD Name: ForeverSecret
Experience: I am writing for a blog and I also own a blog that I write for.
How Often You'd Post:
I am on my computer nearly the whole day. I can post as everyday.

emilyq said...

SD Name:emilyq
Experience: I have my own blog, and I have a 93 in english in school:P
How Often You'd Post: Every day or as often as you'd want me to.

blondebug said...

This could be fun!

Name: Taryn
SD Name: blondebug
Experience: I have my own blog. I've written articles for magazines.
How Often You'd Post: Daily, maybe, or at least a few times a week. Pretty much when I have time and when there's something to post about.

lalagoo42 said...

im would like to be a graphics designer but there's not a form for it, so im lalagoo42, and ive have been a rookie designer for about 2 years now. i will be able to make anything any any request, but any graphic i make always takes a long time... anyway i hope you get back to me via lalagoo42!

Felicia said...

Name: Felicia
SD Name: Cutiegirlrockz
Experience: Advanced! I run my own blog:
How Often You'd Post: As offten as possiable... Everyday if possiable!

moonlight_22 said...

hey wicked idea =]

Name: kayla
Sd name: moonlight_22
Experience: umm i have a small blog called
that i play around on.
I have been a member of sd since christmas 07.
How Often You'd Post: everyday or when i could.

thank you

Hana-Chan said...

Name: Hannah
SD Name: sixasix
Experience: Writing for my own blog, daydreaming about stardoll, about 1 or 2 years in stardoll.
How Often You'd Post: 1 post a day

Keira said...

Name: Keira
SD name: JessikaSweety
Experience: I have written to many blogs. One of them is
How Often You'd Post: Everyday, or i can write as many as necessary

Naye said...

Name: Naye
SD Name:Slamgrl
Experience: I've had many blogs and almost 1 year in Stardoll
How Often You'd Post: Everyday or as often as I can

Anonymous said...

Name: Alyssa
SD Name: SuperStar050
Experience: I have my own blog! Check out my page. :]
How Often You'd Post: Daily! I'm always on the computer and stardoll! And I think this blog might go some were it's very interesting! :]

Anonymous said...

Name: Alyssa
SD Name: SuperStar050
Experience: I have a blog of my own, check it out on my page!
How Often You'd Post: Daily! I'm always on the computer! I think this blog might go some were it's really interesting!

guccigirl73 said...

Name: Lydia
SD name: guccigirl73
Experience: I write for stardollsblogfabulous, according-to-rihanna-best-si and potdonstardoll
How often i would post: Everyday.

Anonymous said...

Name: Col
SD name: Musicfreek112
Experience: Have 2 blogs (infamous ones), and have a very open mind!
Id post at least 1-2 a day

-emz123- said...

Name: Emily
SD Name:-emz123-
Experience: I have my own blog, have followed this one ever since it was made, and I used to write at ForStardollGirls

How Often You'd Post: Everytime I go on a day...maybe more?

Thankyou x