Friday, April 24, 2009

What if.. just read bellow

Picture this: You wake up, go to check on your favorite site. You type, or go to link you bookmarked, when suddenly - BANG! Instead of your favorite site homepage, you find this message.

'Due to violation of rules, this site has been shut down. Click HERE to get back on previous page'

You start screaming 'OMG, how could they do that! It is not happening, all my clothes, friends, stardollars, are gone!!' Your parents rush into your room, to see if you are still alive, and you try hard to explain what has happened , and they do anything just to calm you down. After crying and screaming, you just click on button 'HERE' to go back to whatever you were visiting, and then, instead of that page, you see this message:

'April fool!'

And after that, stardoll homepage loads normally, like nothing has happened.

What would you do??


Yasas10 said...

''Your parents rush into your room, to see if you are still alive''
I laughed so hard xD

I'd probably start yelling at the screen, calling it a lot of names and almost hit it - but that would be just wrong.

Lettie97 said...

Hahahaha xD

Lina said... is so terrible xD

blondebug said...

I would be like.. that was a lil embarassing. :S

Sandy said...

I would be like... NOT FUNNY. And I'd be VERY annoyed.

Lainy - Lainewainy said...

Id laugh at myself XD