Monday, April 20, 2009

What if... Stardoll got rid of DKNY

OK, relax

I'm not hoping they will but what would you do if stardoll did get rid of DKNY??

(hope not =p)

Some people would probably die inside and others would think stardoll has gone mental.
DKNY is the all time favorite real brand stardoll has and i cant imagine stardoll getting rid of it.
But just think if they did how would you react?

Anyway see ya


Scribonia326 said...

I don't think it would make Stardoll bad, in fact it could make people not be so brand-name oriented.

moonlight_22 said...

thats true =]
but some people would trully hate stardoll if they did that

Scribonia326 said...

Yah, and they use it as an advertisement to get people superstar or to join SD.

Lettie97 said...

My head could possibly explode if that happened xP

mynameisjimbobss said...

Stardoll HAS gotten rid of DKNY