Saturday, April 18, 2009

What if... Stardoll solved chainmail problem??

Don't you hate boring, stupid and pointless chainmail messages? Like 'Copy this in xxx guestbooks/albums/sceneries , press xx button, log out, log in, and you will have 10000xxxx stardollars in your purse, believe me, I tried it and it worked'
Grr! They really make me mad.

So, as stardoll staff does nothing about that, I was thinking they could make new rules. Something like this:
So, when you get one of those stupid messages, you would simpy do this

And they would get a warnign message. But, if next time they did it again, they would be veery bad surprised by this
HAHA. Do you think they would do that again?? I bet no.
So this problem is easy to solve, and i am sending this letter to stardoll staff after I finish this. Just wanted to know - do you like the idea? ;)


Scribonia326 said...

Love it, totally great! :)

blondebug said...


Anonymous said...

Oh I feel bad cuz I done those things by other people saying this will happen and now I feel bad so much :(