Sunday, April 26, 2009

What if... Stardoll gave out stardollars for starpoint rewards (again)

So, i was thinking how great would it be if stardoll gave out stardollars if you got to a certain starpoint goal.
if you are serious about stardoll and starpointing, everytime u reach 1000 you get some stardollars.

S0 for 1000 starpoints you would get 5 stardollars and everytime it goes up by 1000 you get 5 more stardollars, really its for all that hard work you did.
I mean hey its not that heaps of money people want but still its money.


-emz123- said...

What are all of the starpoint rewards? can you please mail me on stardoll (-emz123-) and tell me? I would appreciate it!

Lettie97 said...

I would LOVE that ;p

Anonymous said...

You USED to get stardollars as starpoint rewards!! In the beginning 5 or 10, but the further you got(the more starpoints), you even got 20 stardollars...
But then they changed it into 1 stardollar a day :S


Anonymous said...

You can get 10 stardollars if you connect to facebook.

Anonymous said...

No when I was in stardoll in like 2006 or 2007.. they gave out 25 stardollars for every 200 points or so yuu earned. =/ I wish it was like that again