Sunday, April 19, 2009

What if... Stardoll made a clearance shop

I dont know about you guys but every month when the sale is on i get a little fed up.
All that searching for the clothes that are half price and sometimes not knowing what shop to start with, some people are fine brousing the shops looking for the cheap clothes but some people like me cant be bothered going through every shop.

So really stardoll should just make a clearance shop and dump all the clothes there, its more easy and really then people would be able to do other things instead of wasting their time looking for cheap stuff.

Anyway think that's a good idea?
yes? no?
leave a comment and tell us
see ya


Scribonia326 said...

I love it, but I sure do wish they'd go back to non-superstar stuff being non-superstar in sales.

America4life said...

I like that idea a lot.

blondebug said...

That would be so fun! :D

moonlight_22 said...

yeah, its not fair for non-superstars because some stuff that theyre selling cheap would of been for non superstars before the sale.

Lettie97 said...

I love that idea! :)
That would be so much easier and sales would be hassle-free. Judt, if only the sales were non-SS...

Anonymous said...

daisyDEMON : omg thats a really good idea :)
i totally think stardoll should do it!