Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If I Ran Splendid... + Updates

**This is sort of a sample post to show writers how to write, I want this blog to be basically run by the writers instead of me, so this is just what I'm going for. The writers will be chosen soon.**

If I ran Splendid...

Out with the re-released chokers and strange overpriced headbands(BLECHHH.)

And in with awesome Kanye-style sunglasses and chic chunky necklaces.

Kanyes are so much fun and I could see everyone on Stardoll getting a kick out of them.
Chunky necklaces are really stylish compared to those cheap-looking chokers.

So basically, the point of this blog is to mix your style with Stardoll's. You can rant about the newest things and talk about what you wish they had instead, instead of just saying how awful everything is like most people do. So if you get picked to be a writer (I'll pick about three or four), just have fun with this blog...

UPDATES: I'll be checking out everyone to see who fits this blog best, I hope everyone enjoys it.

And a HUGEEE thanks to Lettie for letting me advertise on her blog, it got us a lot of applicants :)



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