Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What if... stardoll had free gifts

How is everyone, Sorry haven't posted much... had an idea block
Also i had a yucky cold, so when i would go out people would look at me like i had swine flu.

Anyway What if stardoll gave out gifts either daily or weekly ( i used daily in the pic). I was looking at other sites that are free and they do it daily, how nice would it make stardoll.
Its good for both stardoll and the members because members would try and log in each day to get the gift, so that means that stardoll would have more active members lol

I hope what I'm saying makes sense if not I'm sorry

Free clothing/gifts = Happy members/More active members
More active members = Happy stardoll... (maybe)

So good idea or not?
Tell me



Is it strange that Stardoll released a doll that is basically around the same time as last years mermaid.
Or is it just me


Lina said...

great idea.

VampLady said...

it would be amazing, but i doubt that they will ever do that, remember, greedy evil stardoll :P

musicfreek112 said...

:D great job!!

lipgloss_babe91 said...

Hi ive just read your blog for the first time :). i think its a really good idea the 'what if' :P

And yeas i understood what you wrote and i think its a good i idea but your suite would be packed :0 I think maybe they should do a 'daily discount' and have a certain item say half price for one day :) x