Thursday, June 11, 2009

What if we were famous???

What if we were so popular that we got hundreds of messages everyday from our loyal fans!!?
It might be a bit annoying unless they were giving us free ss codes in the messages! What else do you think would be in the messages?? I didn't change anything about this picture. Lets just say this is what happens when you don't log on for 6 months!! It should really say unread messages not new messages so maybe stardoll should change this??



tis99car.88 said...

the mail dos not make a deifference i get like 400 something cos ages ago i never used 2 com on here so i have loadsa unred messages that i will never get to so the pic doesent make No difference

Stardoll Chix said...

Wow. That's a lot of messages! But yes, that would be sooo fun to answer questions from fans! I don't know about you...but I would LOVE it. :]]

Jinniy said...

Atually, I would hate it.
I admit sometimes I get bored and wished some random person would right me a message but then people would start to be your friend to get little fame and not because they like you or want to get you know a little more :/

Jinniy said...

I meant actually, sorry :S

Ciaraleanne said... might get annoying...
I mean, it would be awesome if you were an actual famous person who got a RC doll and have your own private account for sd friends... thats probably what I would do if I was famous. :P