Saturday, June 6, 2009

What if Stardoll edited broadcasts a bit?

Are you tired of waiting for broadcast board to load? Yeah, I am too, but we know stardoll won't give us back old broadcasts, since they have found a way to do less work. At least, we are now able to send broadcasts 24 hours a day. But still, it is soo annoying. And you have list of 1000 words of which you use only few of them.
So, what if stardoll gave us a chance to choose our favorite words, and put it on one page only. We could then have easier and faster loading, and no need to click all the time to take a word. It should look something like this:
So, you would be able to go to the whole list anytime, or have favorites up everytime you go to send broadcast. Easier much? I think it is.


Madbuster said...

the best idea in a while...


Stardolls Fashion said...

ya, that would be a LOT easier to send out broadcasts!