Friday, June 5, 2009

What if Stardoll had a Macys and a Juicy coture?


What if stardollmade 2 more brands? Do you think that the Juicy items would cost more than the regulaur?? Macy's would be like Kohl's with two of their brands,and Juicy coture would be like ELLE. Would you buy?

Juicy would be really cool with some great clothes like this:

Now, for Macy's. They'd have 2 brands. Macys and Calvin Klien:

calvin klien:


VampLady said...

depends how clothes would look like, you could give us some examples. but nice idea
p.s. can u please make your banner smaller? it is a bit too high

musicfreek112 said...


banananutmuffin said...

that is awesome idea

Anonymous said...

I would love to have Juicy as a brand its my fav.!!!!!!!!!!

VampLady said...

now it looks way better. congrats :)

musicfreek112 said...

Thanks VampLady. That means a lot to me. :D

Stardolls Fashion said...

Oh...My...GOSH!!!!! That is like...THEE BEST IDEA...EVER!! I LOVE the examples that you gave! Eeeekkk!! I want those clothes on Stardoll soo bad now!!!! xD