Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What if Stardoll brought out new long hair?

Stardoll have brought out a couple of new hairstyles with about 3 wearable ones and only one long wearable one (unless you actually like the braids!!) But I was a disappointed because I don't really love any of them and none of them look like my hair. So I went through the dolls to find ones that I thought a lot of people would wear if they were available. I know I would!(PCD Ashley is kind of like my hair except it's a bit lighter than mine - nothing two weeks in sunny Spain won't fix!)

So would you wear them?? Which is most like yours?? I'll write a letter to stardoll about it...

Buh Bye....,


Sunshinez said...

they should have more long hair, though one of the new ones that I'm wearing is almost exactly what my hair looks like

♥The Beautiful Bea♥ said...

My hair is hilary's

Against.PERVS on Stardoll said...

Well, I would love to see more long hair on the styling studio. But they should fix the problem with the chains - they go OVER the hair and it doesn`t look good! My own hair in reality is very long and blond, I like to wear it like ashley, too! But it`s more long and it`s a bit darker ;-)

BTW: Nice Blog


_M1SSY2 said...

I'd wear it like Ashley.
Or make a studio where you could recreate old stardoll hairs (in your own personal studio, like, it will not affect the hairstyles Stardoll made)and use that.
That'd be cool, too. ;D