Saturday, June 6, 2009

What if...

Stardoll Deleted clubs because there were too many of the same type of clubs.

There are about 1285915 clubs on Stardoll, but with new members being able to make a club once they hit enough starpoints, the figure will be going up.
But what if when members go to make a new club, they find out that there is a limit of how many clubs of the same type there can be.
You sign in and find your club has been deleted because they want to clear some room to let new clubs in.

What would you do?
Would you care?

Tell us =]


-I lost my banner =/ because my computer crashed
So ill either try and find it or make a new one-

After reading some comments i realised that you thought i meant it was a good idea... No way
I was doing a bad what if.
Now i gotta go... its 4am here and i should be trying to sleep



Stardolls Fashion said...

I would complain to Stardoll that my club was deleted. It wouldn't be fair if they deleted your club! What if you advertised for it multiple times!? That would be a waste of Stardollars! And what if your club was one of the better clubs?! But I like the idea of how you can have only like, say, 100 clubs about Twilight. Idk, but I have seen THOUSANDS of Twilight clubs! lol!

mariaisabelfan said...

No I dont agree becuase my club was deletd yesterday and I am so sad..

Jinniy said...

I see thousands of clubs about Miley Cyrus, and all of them go one about, that she's talented, a role model, etc., etc. (and I disagree as usual).
And then there are these modeling clubs, etc.
I don't really know if I should agree or not.
I stopped clubbing a while ago. :)

banananutmuffin said...

I totally DISAGRRE thats a silly idea

America4life said...

I think clubs are over-rated on stardoll. There are too many lots are inactive. I would be really mad if mine got deleted. But I think sometimes clubs are a good way for people to communicate on stardoll but otherwise they are really necessary.

Ciaraleanne said...

Idk... clubs are boring now... :/