Thursday, June 4, 2009

What if we could sell 40 items at once?

What if stardoll allowed us to put up 40 items for sale in our bazaars? That would make exactly 5 pages, it would look nice, and there would be easy for sd staff to make this update. It is much more easier to have more items at the time selling, then to restock all the time. And for buyers, it would look nicer if they were able to browse 5 pages instead of 2 and a half. You agree with me?? Then write to stardoll staff, we can make a change, but together only. Thanks.


America4life said...

Yeah I agree w/ this. It would be very nice and it would be more productive also.

sd_is_da_best said...

yeah!!! I'm always looking for more things after the third page of items