Monday, June 8, 2009

What if Stardoll actually sold this dress??


Has anyone noticed that Stardoll don't even sell the pink dress on the startpage?? there are two similar dresses in Tingeling but they are not as nice (the red one's ok). So hello Stardoll why are you showing clothes you don't even sell?? If they sold it I'd buy it! (but it would be ss as usual so I wouldn't be able to!! =))



America4life said...

The pink dress looks like a hb dress that came out a while ago. It was green I think they just changed the color. I would buy it if it came out.

Stardoll Chix said...

That is the old HB dress...except it is pink. The old HB dress WAS green. Look around in the might actually find it!

Jinniy said...

The pink dress is a re-colour of the green Hot Buys dress from last year

|Dei, the scary clown - To_Royal said...

It is so dumb that they show items that no one will ever get.

Like that dress. Or glossed lips in any lip shape. Or shimmer eyeshadow. Or some of the hairstyles in the ads you see. :l

Ciaraleanne said...

They're fooling the people joining stardoll. lol
Seriously, I want that dress...I have the original green hb one. x